Brian Smith Bail Bonds
107 Southside Square Kennett, Missouri 63857
(573) 888-7477

Latest reviews for Brian Smith Bail Bonds 5/5.0 stars (187 reviews)

Bill in Kennett, MO *****
Fast service after calling in 15 mins they was bonded out.
Chrissie in Kennett, MO *****
You will not find a more honest or reliable bondsman in this area. Brian prides himself in being fair and honest, if he tells you something you can count on it!
Michelle in Kennett, MO *****
Okay...I came to your site, just to get one of your fancy pens! I think I actually deserve to get two pens!! lol :0) Hope you have a great day! Best of Luck on the business, want to see you succeed. Michelle
Jill in Kennett, MO *****
Brian is a great guy. He will help you out!
victoria in Reno, NV *****
Awesome guy
Megan in Senath, MO *****
Never even considered going elsewhere! Brian has always been an honest guy and will work with you and FOR you when u need him most! Had my hubby out within 30 minutes... and it was after midnight!
Bryan in Imperial, MO *****
I am proud to say that Brian Smith is an outstanding agent. His family is awesome and work together great to create such a business in the Southeast area of Missouri. If you never used Brian and need help, contact him, he is a great agent and will see to it that you are handled with the utmost respect and dignity.
Rosemary in Kennett, MO *****
Excellent service.
bobby in Caruthersville, MO *****
tried using moss. rude. unfriendly. called brian. bonded my cousin in 30 minutes.
billie in Kennett, MO *****
called greg moss. rude and over priced. called brian he was super friendly. never call greg moss again
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