Brian Smith Bail Bonds
107 Southside Square Kennett, Missouri 63857
(573) 888-7477

Latest reviews for Brian Smith Bail Bonds 5/5.0 stars (187 reviews)

Rachel in Poplar Bluff, MO *****
Brian is always there when you need him and will not give up until a solution is found
Danielle in Gideon, MO *****
Ive know Brian Smith since he had cell phone place that was well over ten years. Good service man. Will help anybody in need. Just reacu out to him. He is good at what the service he provides for all the surrounding areas bailbondsman. Thanks for helping the area towns around here.
Vennessa in Piggott, AR *****
Brian is an awesome guy. Best bail bondsman I know. (I’ve known a few) I have used him for family members. He has always been there when I need him. I am lucky to have him as a friend.
Anna in Kennett, MO *****
Great man
Peggy in Wardell, MO *****
He helped me get my husband out he was very compassionate to me and very helpful first time ever using a bails bonds and I will only use him from now on in the near future for anything and I highly recommend him he is a very wonderful man.
Makenzie in Poplar bluff, MO *****
Amazing man need a bail bonds men call Brian he'll do you right
Melanie in Hornersville, MO *****
Wonderful service
KD in Bloomfield, MO *****
Polite. Professional. Efficient.
Dusten in Kennett, MO *****
Iv have known this man for many years,well respected,good friend.I recommend this man for getting the job done
Raymond in Kennett, MO *****
Top rated bondsman! I called him up when my girlfriend was locked up, she had two bonds, and in less than one and a half hours, Brian met me at Dunklin county jail and posted both bonds!! It only took about thirty minutes at the jail, and I was driving away with my girl at my side!! I would highly recommend Smith's Bail Bonds to anyone in need of a bondsman!! Great people, %100 satisfaction!! "Thumbs up!!!!!"
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